Technology Mediated Social Participation 
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Workshop participants

Ben Shneiderman, University of Maryland

Jenny Preece, University of Maryland
Peter Pirolli, PARC
Mark Ackerman, University of Michigan
Anupriya Ankolekar, Hewlett-Packard Labs
John Bacus, Google
Amy Bruckman, Georgia Tech
Stuart Card, PARC
Ed Chi, PARC
Elizabeth Churchill, Yahoo Research
Noshir Contractor, Northwestern University
Scott Counts, Microsoft research
Holger Dick, University of Colorado at Boulder
Hal Eden, University of Colorado at Boulder
Gerhard Fischer, University of Colorado at Boulder
David Gutelius, Social Kinetics
Ung Hang, Hewlett-Packard Labs
Jeff Heer, Stanford University
Bernardo Huberman, Hewlett-Packard Labs
Robert Kraut, Carnegie Mellon University

Gloria Mark, University of California Irvine
Cameron Marlow, Facebook
David McDonald, University of Washington
Gary Olson, University of California Irvine

Judith Olson, University of California Irvine

John Riedl, University of Minnesota

Dana Rotman, University of Maryland
Ramesh Srinivasan, UCLA

Sarah Vieweg, University of Colorado at Boulder
Steve Whittaker, IBM Research
Fang Wu, Hewlett-Packard Labs
  effective action; Design to motivate participation; Graduate Training; and - Unique challenges for government use of social media


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