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The reports, which were written by the workshops participants, are a continuance of the discussions that developed during the workshops and beyond them.

Draft reports, as of August 18, 2010:
Introduction - Cyberinfrastructure for Social Action on National Priorities. Peter Pirolli, Jenny Preece, Ben Shneiderman

Scientific Foundations: A case for Technology Mediated Social Participation Theory
Robert Kraut, Mary Lou Maher, Judith Olson, Thomas W. Malone, Peter Pirolli, John C. Thomas

Advancing the Design of Social Participation Systems
Ed H. Chi, Sean Munson, Gerhard Fischer, Sarah Vieweg, Cynthia Parr

Visions of What is Possible With Sharable Socio-­technical Infrastructure.
Gary Olson, Gloria Mark, Elizabeth Churchill, Dana Rotman

Participating in Health.
Bradford W. Hasse, Derek Hansen, Thomas Finholt, Wendy Kellogg, John C. Thomas.

Educational Priorities for Technology Mediated Social Participation.
Cliff Lampe, Paul Resnick, Andrea Forte, Sarita Yardi, Dana Rotman, Todd Marshall, Wayne Lutters.

Engaging the Public in Open Government: Social Media Technology and Policy for Government Transparency.
John Carlo Bertot, Paul T. Jaeger,Sean Munson, Tom Glaisyer.

nd effective action; Design to motivate participation; Graduate Training; and - Unique challenges for government use of social media


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